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204 pages / 5.5 x 8.5" Trade Paperback

Sixteen stories (eight that are original to this collection) of SF, horror, YA fantasy, and dark suspense, plus Act One of a forthcoming supernatural mystery "Dog Star - A Haunting in Four Acts". Illustrated by the author, with Story Notes, and an Introduction by Tony Tremblay.

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304 pages / 5.5 x 8.5” Trade Paperback

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition

Nineteen career-spanning stories (five that are original to this collection) of horror, SF, fantasy and dark suspense. Illustrated by the author, with an Introduction by Bram Stoker Award winner Norman Prentiss, and extensive Story Notes.

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Detective Sergeant Francis Lomax is retired, living alone in the city, his health failing, the end of his life in plain sight. But when his daughter, her husband, and Fran's new grandson move into a new house, high in the Catskills, too high, Fran knows he has one more task, however terrifying, that he must do.

Originally published in "The Boneyard" h/c edition.

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In the 23rd Century, a pirate ship – a frigate with 40 guns – sets sail from the Catskill archipelago of islands headed south, on a voyage of discovery and pillage, in search of the fabled Empire State. What happens when the sea level rises a hundred feet or more? Perhaps... this.

Originally published in Asimov's SF Magazine. 

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Edward, an android on a Great Ship, is shepherding two rich passengers on an interstellar trip with no possible return. In doing so, Edward is faced with an impossible decision: save his passengers' lives, or break one of the prime Laws of Robotics?

Originally published in "It's For You."

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Professor Declan Curraugh is returning from a secret monastery in Ireland to a classified military archeological dig in the Aleutians with bad news. He knows the only solution to the crisis at hand, the mystery aeons old, that only he can solve.

Originally published in Cemetery Dance magazine #73.

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A secret club of ten-year-old friends are waging war from their clubhouse fort against the Moon Ash & Rubbish Company across the street. The trash company has a secret weapon against their sling-shot marbles, however. A horrific, deadly weapon. In the holes.

Originally published in Postscripts #34/35

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Tim is bringing his wife's body back to Maine for burial in her family plot on the mainland, but her grandfather has other plans ... an island funeral.

Originally published as a CD Publications chapbook.

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